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GRUPO ORTIZ shares society's growing awareness that we must protect and conserve the environment and, therefore, establishes policies that allow us to identify and assess the environmental aspects of our activities and control the use of natural resources.

Our progress on sustainability

The company is committed to socially responsible activities, in accordance with the legislation in countries where it carries these out, in particular, we assume the responsibility to respect cultural diversity and the customs and principles among people and communities affected by our activities.


GRUPO ORTIZ's projects always bring with them growth for the area where they are carried out, whether in economic or social terms, and seek common well being and the trend towards greater equality of inhabitants, along with the creation of shared wealth and value.


Each of our projects includes monitoring that helps us reduce the environmental impact, whether in an urban or rural area. Respect for the environment is one of the maxims of GRUPO ORTIZ and today, without any doubt, it constitutes a seated value in the company

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