Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility 

The aim of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy is to transmit the most important values ​​of our business group, commitment, trust and security to all our stakeholders.

Compliance with these principles and hard work have placed us among the leading companies in our sector. During our long history we have always acted ethically, with the vocation of a socially conscious company which respects people and the environment.



The Core Values ​​of our  Corporate Social Responsability are:

  • To respect, maintain and disseminate the commitments to honesty and transparency made to all our stakeholders to ensure that customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders continue to trust in our company.
  • We care about our environment and make sure that all our production processes are sustainable.
  • Equal opportunities, control and prevention of occupational risks, and family-work reconciliation are essential for the welfare of all staff, as well as training and motivating employees.
  • To promote activities that are beneficial to society and to support the underprivileged in cooperation programs.
  • Encourage healthy habits including activities such as sports, culture and leisure.



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