bond issue

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Investors information


Ortiz Construcciones y Proyectos has returned to the capital markets with the launch of a new bond issue on the MARF for a sum of €50m, maturing in October 2020 with an annual coupon of 5.25%.

The primary objective of the issue is to refinance bonds issued in 2014 for a sum of €50m and a coupon of 70% which mature in 2019, thus considerably reducing financial costs.

With respect to the 2014 issue maturing in 2019, the company carried out a public Tender Offer with a successful buyback offer, with over €26m bought back (over 50%) and a significant percentage of this sum renewing exposure to the new issue.


This operation, anticipating financing needs for 2019 over one year in advanced the, is framed within Ortiz’s strategy of financial prudence and diversification of financing sources. The company also managed to extend the maturity horizon to October 2023.

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