Sanitation Networks (Lots I and III) in San Miguelito, Panama.

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Sanitation Networks (Lots I and III) in San Miguelito, Panama.

Project: Phase Three of Sewer Networks in San Miguelito

Client: Coordinating Unit of the Panama City and Bay Sanitation Project, as part of the Ministry of Health.

Location: District of San Miguel in the province of Panama.

Successful BidderOrtiz Construcciones y Proyectos, S.A sucursal de Panamá.

Importe: 53 million approximately..

Estimated term:  30 months per Lot.

Description: Construction of 85 km of sanitation networks (sewers and sub-collectors) including drains, pipes, wells and pumping stations. The objective of this project is the completion of the networks of sanitation sewers in the aforementioned areas, as a continuation of works previously begun and thus minimizing faults in the sanitation system, covering all areas of all districts in their entirety.

These works will involve the design and installation networks of small diameter pipes (between 6.8 and 12 inch) and sub-collectors of greater diameters, as well as chambers and inspection boxes on streets, concrete footpaths, natural soil, ladders etc.

The District of San Miguelito, in the shape of a fan, is the largest area of intervention for the project, with an area of 52 km2.

Social Benefits: the above works are part of the Panama City and Bay Sanitation Projects (PSCBO, as per the Spanish acronym), which the Government of the Republic has been working on since the beginning of the 21st century for the purpose of building sanitation infrastructure for Panama City and Panama Bay, showing the world an image of the city and the country that grows facing out to sea, while respecting the environment and its resources.

These actions will improve the health of the city's inhabitants, improving waste water treatment and providing them with a better drinking water supply.

Moreover, members of the community will join the project, offering young people the opportunity to work on the construction that is to take place. 

Three orders to proceed have been submitted to the PSCBO, two of which correspond to Ortiz Construcciones y Proyectos; they cover the construction of approximately 150 km of sewers and sub-collectors to collect waste and water and residual water, a project that will benefit approximately 13,900 families and 58,400 inhabitants of San Miguelito, reducing pollution-health risks and contributing to sanitation and to the improvement in the quality of life of the population of Panama City and Bay.


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