Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant "Mine Yamaguchi"(13,98 MWp)

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Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant "Mine Yamaguchi"(13,98 MWp)

Project: Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant "Mine Yamaguchi 1 and Mine Yamaguchi 2”, built in 2 phases, 13.98 MWp.

Location: City of Mine, in the prefecture of Yamaguchi. Japan.

Client: X-Elio 14, G.K.

Contracted company: Ortiz Energy Japan K.K.

Completion term: (June 2018 – December 2019)


It is a construction project for an EPC photovoltaic plant and later O&M.  The solar power plant subject of this project is comprised of a total of 2 phases with 7 MWn and 3 MWn of power each.

Mine Yamaguchi 1 will have 31,017 290 Wp photovoltaic solar power modules and four inverter centres with 1.75 MVA each for 8.99 installed MWp.

Mine Yamaguchi 2 will have 17,241 290 Wp photovoltaic solar power modules and two inverter centres with 1.5 MVA each for 4.99 installed MWp.

The photovoltaic modules will be installed on fixed structures with a slope of 15º. An integrated remote management system is planned to record operating data from the system with two aims - one technical (easier plant operation) and one educational (spread awareness of the facility among visitors) in addition to a CCTV and comprehensive security system.

A transformer substation with a 22/66 kW power factor will be built to evacuate the energy generated by the photovoltaic plant.

Social Benefits:

  • The generation of more than 100 jobs and economic wellbeing in neighbouring towns.
  • Subcontracting of 10 local companies.
  • Encouragement for the use of solar photovoltaic energy as an alternative energy production source.
  • A drop in the emission of greenhouse gases when generating electricity.
  • The reduction of 15,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.
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