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Grupo ortiz Services

Business Units


GRUPO ORTIZ is a leader in the service sector. Our portfolio of activities includes comprehensive road maintenance, upkeep of green areas, waste collection, preservation and maintenance of buildings.

We also continue to provide subcontracting services to the City Councils of Madrid and Alcobendas, through which we carry out important renovation, demolition or structural consolidation projects like the Windsor Building in downtown Madrid.

Since 1982, our most outstanding projects involving building maintenance and conservation have been: 

  • Maintenance of seven of the 21 Municipal Boards that make up the Municipality of Madrid.

  • Alterations, repairs, unkeep and demolition of buildings that are part of the public domain and of the Madrid City Council in eight of the 21 Municipal Boards that makes up the municipality of Madrid.

  • Since 1985 ORTIZ has subcontracted services for projects such as scaffolding, demolition, structural strengthening and comprehensive renovation. There have been more than 1,000 interventions of which the most prominent ones were the demolition of the Windsor building, the Almacenes Arias building, both in downtown Madrid, and the controlled demolition of the Electrodo Building by the M-30 beltway. Another important project was the implementation of new security measures after the fire in the Palacio de Congresos in downtown Madrid.

Grupo Ortiz is also a specialist in infraestructure maintenance (roads, motorways, conventional and high speed rail networks). Grupo Ortiz has projects such as the maintenance of track and turnouts infrastructure for the high speed AVE Madrid - Alicante line, (Madrid - Gabaldon section), wich is supervised by COSFESA, the Grupo Ortiz railway specialist company.

INDITEC, another one of the Grupo Ortiz companies, is specialized in environmental services including conservation and maintenance of green areas and parks, urban furniture installation and maintenance, beach and coast maintenance and cleaning as well as the management of recycling centers and waste transfer stations and municipal services sucha as waste collection and street cleaning services. Most recently, INDITEC has been selected for the novel contract of comprehensive maintenance of all forest parks in the city of Madrid for the upcoming eight years.







  •  Palacio de Congresos Conference Center (Madrid)

  • Spanish Parliament building (Madrid)

  • UNED Buildings (Distance-learning university) (Madrid)

  • 17 Municipal Council buildings (Madrid)

  • Several buildings in Estepona (Malaga)

  • Municipal housing buildings (EMV-municipal housing company) (Madrid)





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