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Business Units

Engineering and Prefabricated elements    

INDAGSA is the Grupo Ortiz company that specializes in both construction engineering and manufactures prefabricated reinforced concrete structural elements. The INDAGSA Building System is certified by the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Science (IETCYC) issued by technical approval number 452. INDAGSA manufactures self-supporting and free-standing panels, floor structures and premises' roofs with prefabricated components as well as linear and unique elements.

INDAGSA's panels have a dual function and reduce the time needed to complete any project both in the structural aspect as well as in the building's exterior enclosure. Another major feature of this unique system lies in the union of the panels, using welded anchor points so that the completed building's floor is immidiately solid and rigid.

All these factors have created an increasing demand for INDAGSA's Building System and this has allowed us to collaborate on large-scale architectural projects.

 INDAGSA has been granted the Algerian Avis Technique hallmark that allows precast system construction in Algeria. 
 In January 2014, began the construction began of a Algerian factory which will produce prefabricated materials for houses construction .



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